67. Things to Do


He has a list of things to do. He has to go to the bank. He needs some cash. He needs to get some cash from the ATM at the bank. He has only $10 in his wallet. Then he has to go to the post office. He needs stamps. He has to buy a book of stamps. There are 20 stamps in each book. A book costs $8.40. Then he needs to go to DMV. He needs to get a new driver's license. His old license will expire in a month. He needs to get a new photo, too. Finally he needs to go to Best Buy. His girlfriend wants the DVD of Season 4 of "Lost." She loves that TV show. It's about people who are on an island. Their plane crashed onto the island. It is a strange island. It has strange animals and strange people. It has black smoke that chases people and kills them. Everything that happens is a big surprise. It is a crazy TV show.

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