68. Pay the Interest


Jake and Larry are brothers. They used to be friends. They used to talk to each other. But now they aren't friends. Now they don't talk to each other. They have a problem. The problem is money. Jake had borrowed $500 from Larry. Larry had lent $500 to Jake. Jake paid Larry back. Jake paid Larry back the $500. Larry was not happy. Larry wanted interest. He wanted $50 interest. Jake said Larry had not asked for interest. Jake said, "You didn't ask for interest. I won't pay you interest." Larry said he wanted 10 percent interest. He said 10 percent was not much. Jake said 10 percent was too much. He said, "You are my brother. You aren't a bank. A bank charges interest. A brother doesn't charge interest." Larry said that everyone charges interest. Friends charge interest. Parents charge interest. Sisters charge interest. Brothers charge interest.

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