115. She Plays Golf


"What time does the football game start?" John asked. "It starts at 3 o'clock. What time are you coming over here?" Mark asked. John said he would be there at 2 o'clock. Then he said goodbye and hung up the phone. He had to go to the post office to mail a birthday card. His daughter's birthday was next week. The birthday card showed a woman golfer with a big smile on her face. The card said, "A birthday is like a hole-in-one!" Sharon was almost 25. Before she graduated from high school, she had received a golf scholarship to college. It was a 4-year scholarship. It paid for all her college expenses. She was on the golf team for four years. After college Sharon became a professional golfer. She traveled all over the country playing golf. Once she won a tournament. She was not the best woman golfer, but she was good. She was in the top 10 every year. She usually made about $100,000 a year. She was also having fun. John was happy about his daughter's success. He was proud of his daughter. "That's my girl," he told his friends.

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