138. Wash and Dry (2)


A while later, he put her clothes into the dryer. He selected Hot Dry. That'll kill the rest of the germs, he thought. The dryer finished. He took her clothes upstairs. His wife came home. Her clean clothes were on the bed. She looked at them. She smiled. "Thank you for doing my laundry," she said. "It was my pleasure," he said. She picked up a blouse. Then she screamed. "What's the matter?" he asked. "Look at my blouse! What happened to my white blouse? It's white and BLACK. What did you do to my blouse?!" she said. She looked at her black slacks on the bed. She picked them up. "What's wrong with these?" she said. He didn't say anything. She took off her brown slacks. She tried on her black slacks. She couldn't get into them. "You shrunk my pants!" she screamed. "You shrunk my pants!"

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