137. Wash and Dry (1)


He looked at the laundry basket. It was full of his wife's clothes. She was at work. She worked seven days a week. She was a real estate sales agent. She showed apartments to renters every day. She carried a heavy purse everywhere. Many real estate forms were in her purse. Many keys were in her purse. When she came home, she was tired. Her feet hurt. Her back hurt. He decided to help his wife. He took the laundry basket downstairs to the laundry room. His wife always separated her colored clothes from her white clothes. He didn't do that. Why spend extra money? He didn't separate her colored and white clothes. He stuffed all her clothes into one washer. He selected Hot Wash. This will make her happy, he thought. A hot wash will kill all the germs. She hates germs. He was proud of himself.

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