142. A Quiet Baby

142. A Quiet Baby

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Sarah was a pretty baby. She looked like her mom. She was an only child. She was only 13 weeks old. Her dad was 23 years old. Her mom was 19 years old. Her mom and dad were not married. They planned to get married. They planned to have a big wedding. Her mom worked at a hotel. Her dad did not have a job. He stayed at home. He babysat Sarah. He took care of her. He played with her. He talked to her. He changed her diapers. He fed her. He bathed her. Sarah cried a lot. Her dad did not like that. He told her to stop crying. He told her to be quiet. He told her to shut up. He head-butted her. He threw her against the sofa. He folded her legs over her head. Finally Sarah got quiet. She didn't cry anymore.

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