143. A Broken Umbrella


She had been outside in the storm. "It was so windy! The rain was falling sideways! I am soaking wet," she said. "The wind pulled me off the sidewalk. It broke my umbrella." She put on dry clothes. She sat down at her computer. He opened her umbrella. He examined it. I can fix this, he thought. He opened another umbrella. It wasn't broken. He compared the two umbrellas. He grabbed a pair of pliers. He went to work on the broken umbrella. Three hours later, she got up from her computer. She walked into the bedroom. She saw him working on the umbrella. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm trying to fix your umbrella," he said. "I know you paid a lot of money for it." "A lot of money?" she said. "I paid $7 for that umbrella. Throw it in the trash. I'll buy a new one."

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