145. The New Pot (1)


He was feeling good. He had just bought a pot. It was a good-looking pot. It was stainless steel. It was solid and heavy. It had a glass cover. This is a good pot, he thought. It cost $13. That wasn't cheap for a pot. His wife would like the pot. She couldn't say that it was a cheap pot. A cheap pot is light. A cheap pot doesn't have a glass cover. A cheap pot costs much less than $13. He put the pot on the stove. What's this, he wondered. The pot wobbled. It didn't sit flat on the burner. He picked up the pot. He put it back on the burner. It wobbled again. It was just a little wobble. But it was definitely a wobble. Maybe the burner wasn't flat. He poured a can of soup into the pot. He turned on the burner.

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