146. The New Pot (2)


The soup was ready. He took the pot off the burner. He ate the soup. Delicious, he thought. This pot makes delicious soup. He cleaned the pot. He put it back on the stove. Wait till she sees this, he thought. She'll want to cook everything in it. His wife came home. She examined the pot. "Take this back," she said. "Stop buying cheap crap." "What's cheap about it?" he asked. "It's stainless steel. Feel how heavy it is. Look at this glass cover. You can watch your food cooking!" "It wobbles," she said. "It will spill. It won't cook food properly. Take it back!" He took it back to the store. "Where is the stick-on price label? Did you use this pot?" the clerk asked. "Well, yes," he said. "But only one time. And I washed it. Look how clean it is!" "You can't return used pots," she said.

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