147. The State Exam


He took the state teachers exam. It was pass or fail. A passing score meant he could apply for a teaching job. A passing score was 220 to 300. The state emailed his score to him. His multiple choice test score was 260. His writing test score was 300! He called up the testing agency. "I got 300 on the writing test! That's perfect, isn't it?" he asked. "Yes, it's perfect. Congratulations!" said the representative. "But I have a question," he said. "How many other people got 300? If a lot of people got 300, then my score is not special. If only one or two people got 300, then my score is more special." "I'm sorry, but we don't have that information," said the representative. "You don't? Well, who does? How about the state education department?" he asked. "They don't either," the representative said. "Nobody does."

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