148. A Wrist Bandage

148. A Wrist Bandage

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Her wrist hurt. She thought it was nerve damage. But she wouldn't see a doctor. She wouldn't stop using her hand. Maybe he could help. He went to the drugstore. He found a wrist wrap. It wrapped around the wrist. It prevented the wrist from moving. The thumb and fingers were uncovered. The palm was uncovered. This is perfect, he thought. She'll love it. He took it home. He showed it to her. She held it up to her nose. "Take it back!" she said. "It smells. It smells like rubber." "Of course it smells like rubber," he said. "It's MADE of rubber." She had a nose like a dog. He took it back. He found a different wrist wrap. It was anti-bacterial. "No Odors," the package said. He took it home. She held it up to her nose. "This smells worse than the other one," she said.

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