152. Cheap Rent (1)


Dan saw a newspaper ad. A new apartment building was about to open in Manhattan. Some apartments were set aside for low income people. Applicants must send in a postcard by May 17. The first 5,000 applicants would receive an application form. He couldn't believe his luck. Today was May 17. It was noon. He tore the ad out of the paper. He walked to the main post office on 8th Avenue. He stood in line. He asked the clerk for a postcard. "We don't sell postcards," the clerk said. "The post office doesn't sell postcards?" Dan asked. "We used to sell them," the clerk said, "but now we sell greeting cards. They make more money." "Do you sell stamps for postcards?" Dan asked. The clerk said, "Of course. How many do you want?" Dan walked out of the post office. He walked south. He needed to buy a postcard.

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