153. Cheap Rent (2)


Dan walked into a liquor store. He asked if they sold postcards. The clerk said, "No, but the post office does." "No, it doesn't," Dan said. "The post office doesn't sell postcards?" the clerk asked. Dan walked a few more blocks south. Not one store sold postcards. He decided to try Borders. It was six blocks away. Borders sold postcards. They were $1 each. He bought one. The postcard is expensive, he thought, but it will be worth it. He walked back toward the post office. He decided to try the corner drugstore. Maybe it sold postcards. It did. They were four for a dollar. He bought one. I'll return the Borders postcard, he thought. He walked into the post office. He put the stamp on the postcard. He addressed it. He dropped it into the slot. It was four o'clock. He had beaten the deadline. He crossed his fingers.

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