154. The Poll

154. The Poll

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The caller said she was taking a nationwide poll. She asked if he had a few minutes. He said yes. This was the first time a pollster had ever called him. She asked if he was on his cell phone. He said yes. She asked if he was driving. He said no. She asked him to imagine a ladder. The bottom rung was number one. The top rung was number ten. "How satisfied are you with your life?" she asked. He said number five. "Is your life better now than five years ago?" she asked. He said no. "Do you think your life will be better five years from now?" she asked. He said no. She asked many questions, one after another. He looked at the clock. Was this going to be a roaming charge? He didn't trust his phone company. "I have to go," he said, and hung up.

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