161. A Windy Landing


It was Memorial Day. An Osprey flew to a city park. About 200 people were there. They were waiting to see the Osprey up close. They were excited. An Osprey is a military plane. It flies like a plane. But it lands and takes off like a helicopter. It has two huge propellers. The Osprey started to descend. It got closer to the treetops. The wind from its propellers bent tree branches. The Osprey kept descending. The wind was like a hurricane. Trees bent over. Tree branches broke. They crashed to the ground. Leaves flew everywhere. Paper and plastic flew everywhere. Trash cans fell over. They started rolling around. Dogs started barking. Children started crying. They ran. Parents ran after their children. Others ran from the flying trash. Everyone was running away from the Osprey. The Osprey landed. The pilot got out. He looked around. Where is everybody, he wondered.

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