165. The New Office (1)


They were going to move to a new office. But why? Their current office was in a new building. It was in a nice neighborhood. It was near trains and buses. It was near shops and restaurants. The boss wanted to save money. They moved into their new office on Tuesday. It was in an old building. It was in a poor neighborhood. Buses and trains were blocks away. Shops and restaurants were blocks away. Their new office was on the third floor. It had no partitions or privacy. Desks were jammed together. The back of one chair almost touched the back of another chair. The coatroom was a tiny closet. The bathrooms were down the hallway. Both of the tiny elevators broke down on Friday. Everyone had to use the stairs. Everyone complained. The boss said to stop complaining. "Be glad we're not on the fifth floor," he said.

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