173. The Airplane Ticket


Phil had bought a round-trip ticket to Miami. But he wasn't going to return to Boston. He was going to remain in Miami. He had bought the round-trip ticket because it was $400 cheaper than the one-way ticket. He was proud of himself. He had outsmarted the airline. But his friend Andy said the airline, Fly-High, would charge his credit card $400. "They charged Nancy's credit card $200 when she didn't return to Boston," said Andy. "She thought she had saved $200 by buying a round-trip ticket. But Fly-High made her pay the one-way price because she went only one way." Phil said if Fly-High tried to charge his credit card, he would hire a lawyer. Andy said Nancy had told Fly-High she was going to hire a lawyer. Fly-High said to go ahead. "Did she hire one?" Phil asked. "Of course not," Andy said. "Lawyers charge $200 an hour."

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