178. Guys and Girls


Gus and Bob were talking. They were talking about girls. They were talking about how hard it is to pick up girls. What do girls want? They were confused. Jerry walked by. He joined the conversation. He told them what girls want. They want a guy with confidence. They want a guy with money. They want a guy with a nice car. They want a fun guy. "It's like that song," he said. "Girls just want to have fun. And you two are no fun." Jerry left. "Maybe Jerry's right," said Gus. Bob said Jerry was wrong. Yes, girls want a guy with confidence, money, and a nice car. Yes, they want a fun guy. But, Bob said, girls also want a nice guy. And they were both nice guys. "So, what do we do?" asked Gus. "We do what nice guys do best," said Bob. "We wait. We hope."

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