187. The Nice Lady


Calvin answered the phone. A woman said, "Hello. I'm Ruth. I'm a volunteer for Alzheimer's." She sounded like an old woman. She said the organization was trying to raise money. He asked how she got his number. She said his number was on her list. He said that he was on the Do Not Call list. He told her not to call his number again. She apologized. He hung up. Later, he felt guilty. He shouldn't have been so rude to that sweet old lady. He looked at "Calls Received on his phone. He dialed the Alzheimer's number. "Hello, can I speak to Ruth?" he asked. A man asked, "Ruth who?" Calvin didn't know Ruth's last name. The man said he would ask around and find Ruth. "I just wanted to apologize to her for hanging up on her," Calvin said. The man said he would pass on Calvin's apology.

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