189. Close the Blinds


She called his name. Then she said "hello" loud and slow. He said, "My name's not Hello. When are you going to learn that?" He went into the living room. She asked him to close the blinds. She was getting dressed. She was afraid that people across the street could see into the apartment. He told her that nobody was interested in seeing her get dressed. She said there were a lot of weirdos in New York City. Who knew what kind of weirdos lived across the street? He looked out the window. "Wow, you're right," he said. "Someone's looking at us with binoculars." He waved. He closed the blinds. He went back into the kitchen. She said "hello" again, loud and slow. He walked back into the living room. He asked, "What now?" She said one blind wasn't fully closed. "Someone can still see me," she said.

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