192. Workers in the City (1)


New York City has thousands of workers. It has workers that you don't see. It has workers that you do see. The workers that you do see are right on the street. Street vendors are everywhere. Vendors set up on the wide sidewalks. They sell purses. They sell sunglasses and boxes of perfume. They sell wallets. They sell books and DVDs. Food vendors are everywhere. Many of them have four-wheeled silver carts. The carts have blue and yellow umbrellas that say "Sabrett." The vendors sell food and drinks. They sell hot dogs and hot sausages. They sell meat on a stick. They sell huge soft pretzels. Some vendors sell only nuts. Others sell only produce. Artists sit on the sidewalks. They'll draw your portrait. They'll draw you a funny face or an artistic face. Newspaper vendors stand on corners. They'll sell you the latest New York Times or Daily News.

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