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Super Easy Reading (2)


1. A Very Colorful Garden
2. Sleepover
3. A Movie Marathon
4. Eating Healthy
5. Exercising Together
6. The Spill on His Shirt
7. Shopping for a Dress
8. Choosing a College
9. A Gift for Father's Day
10. Sticker Collection
11. A Garbage Guy
12. Going to the Aquarium
13. He Is Car Sick
14. Getting Locked Out
15. The Big Math Final
16. A Free Trip to Hawaii
17. Dine and Dash
18. The Local News Report
19. New and Old Girlfriend
20. Three Roommates
21. She is Picky with Jobs
22. She Likes Being Alone
23. Big Cell Phones
24. Getting Ready for Work
25. The Struggle of Waking Up Early
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Super Easy Reading (1)

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