41. Smoking Isn't Cool


Kimberly saw her friend Hector smoking. Hector was only 14 years old. "Hector, you should not smoke," Kimberly said. "Why not? It makes me cool," Hector said. Kimberly thought her friend was being dumb. She was in a drug education class last month. She learned about how drug companies get people to buy their products. She learned that people usually smoke when people around them smoke. "Do your friends smoke?" Kimberly asked. "Yeah! They're popular, too," Hector said. Kimberly showed him pictures of what happens when people smoke too much. Hector looked at the picture of the ugly, yellow teeth. "Ew!" Hector said. "Do you want that?" Kimberly asked. Hector shook his head. "Then don't smoke," Kimberly said.

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