141. No Food, No Water

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Bev was a real estate agent in New York City. She usually left home about 10 a.m. She never drank or ate anything until she returned home. "You need energy. Eat some lunch," her husband said. "I can't eat anything after I leave the house. I don't carry a toothbrush or toothpaste," she said. "No problem. Put them into your purse," he said. "That's extra weight," she said. "Every day I walk 30 blocks. I climb 20 flights of stairs. My purse is so heavy. Besides, it's full. I don't have room in my purse. Look." He looked into her purse. It was full. He lifted it. It was heavy. "Well, you should at least drink lots of water. I'm sure all that walking makes you thirsty," he said. "I get thirsty, but I don't dare drink," she said. "It's too hard to find a clean place to pee!"

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