147. Hacker Steals Millions

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The man was a hacker. He was a thief. He knew computers. He knew them inside out. He was like a pickpocket. He picked everyone's pocket. He picked everyone's bank account in America. Everyone with a bank account lost money. Millions of Americans have bank accounts. All of these Americans lost money. But they didn't know it. Not a single victim noticed the theft. Not a single victim called the police. "We got lucky," said a police detective. "He cheated on his fiancée. She called us. But we're unlucky, too. We have no evidence. We only have her story. He might get away with his crime. He might get away with millions. He transferred all the money to another country. There's no way we can trace the money. He is very smart. Why? He stole only one penny from every bank account in America. Who cares about a penny?"

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