166. Cheap Hospital Insurance

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He opened the envelope. It contained junk mail. The junk mail was an ad. It was an ad for hospital insurance. Did he want extra hospital insurance? He didn't have any hospital insurance. Did he want extra money to help pay hospital bills? Yes, he thought, extra money would be nice. He read on. The ad said the average hospital stay in New York is seven days. It said the average cost per day in New York is $3,000. I should move to a cheaper state, he thought. But he couldn't afford to move. He read on. It said the insurance was only $15 a month. That's cheap, he thought. It said the insurance pays $50 a day. He laughed. My hospital bill will be $3,000 a day. My extra insurance will pay $50 a day. What good is that, he thought. What good is $50 a day?

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