167. Ripped Pants

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He entered the drugstore. He took the down escalator. He couldn't find what he wanted. He got on the up escalator. Seconds later, something grabbed his pants cuff. He pulled his cuff free. What was that, he wondered. He turned around to look. He saw a little screw. A loose screw was sticking out of the escalator wall. He got to the top of the escalator. He looked at his pants. The cuff was ripped. It was just a little rip. But that screw might hurt someone. I'd better tell someone about it, he thought. He found an employee. He told her what had happened. He pointed out the loose screw. She apologized. She said, "Don't worry. We'll pay for repairing your pants. Just bring us the bill. And we'll take care of that screw immediately." He thanked her. A week later, he returned. The loose screw was still there.

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