172. Earthquake in Haiti

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There was an earthquake in Haiti. It was a 7.0 earthquake. Thousands of people died. Thousands of people were homeless. Thousands of people had no food or water. Many nations sent food and water. Some nations sent search and rescue teams. Some of these teams had dogs. The dogs could smell victims buried under buildings. Some nations sent doctors. Rescuers distributed the food and water. They ran out quickly. Nations sent more food and water. The teams found survivors under collapsed buildings. Some survivors were still alive after six days. The doctors took care of the sick. They took care of the injured. They saved many lives. Haiti is a very poor country. Many citizens want to leave. But they have no place to go. The United States is helping. It's allowing orphans to come to the U.S. The orphans will get an education. They will have a better life.

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