180. Who Is a Hero?

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Soldiers go to war. They fight the enemy. That is their job. Firemen go to fires. They rescue people in burning buildings. That is their job. Policemen go after dangerous criminals. They arrest dangerous criminals. That is their job. Phil was driving home. The car in front of him ran off the road. Phil pulled over behind the car. He ran to the car. He smelled gasoline. He saw an old woman inside the car. He pulled and pulled on the driver's door. It finally opened. He pulled her out of the car. He carried her toward his car. Suddenly, her car exploded. Metal flew through the air. Metal went into Phil's back. Phil fell to the ground. Ambulances took Phil and the old woman to the hospital. Doctors operated on both of them. They both survived. Phil said, "I'm not a hero. I did what anyone would do."

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