181. Sick in the City

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He was 58. He lost his job. A friend offered him a job in Miami. He found a nice apartment in Miami. He loved his new job. He loved Miami. Life was good. Then his friend's company went bankrupt. Life wasn't so good. He looked for work. But everyone was looking for work. There were plenty of workers. But there wasn't plenty of work. He was almost broke. He started coughing up blood. He went to a doctor. "You have lung cancer," the doctor said. "You need treatment." He told the doctor he was almost broke. He had no money for treatment, rent, or even food. The doctor said the government would pay for his treatment. The government would find him an apartment. The government would give him food stamps. Why have I worked so hard all my life, he wondered. I should have gone broke 30 years ago.

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