182. Front Desk Manners

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It was a big apartment building. The building was in a big city. Delivery people left packages at the front desk. The front desk held the packages for apartment tenants. Mr. Smith was expecting a package. He stopped at the front desk. Had his package arrived yet? Nora said, "Yes, sir." But only Simon could hand out the packages. "Where's Simon?" Mr. Smith asked. Simon was on break. "He'll be back in 5 minutes, Mr. Smith," said Nora. Twenty minutes later, Simon arrived. Mr. Smith told Simon that he had a package. "Apartment number," said Simon. "A," said Mr. Smith. Simon went into the package room. He came back about five minutes later. "Sign here," he said. Mr. Smith asked, "Where?" Simon pointed at a blank space in the notebook. Mr. Smith signed in the blank space. Simon gave him the package. Mr. Smith said, "Thank you." Simon said nothing.

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