197. Let's Dance

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She was blonde and pretty. She was in a bar with her friend. Her friend was a brunette. A man put some money in the jukebox. Slow music started playing. He went over to the women's table. "Hi," he said. Both women looked at him. "Would you like to dance?" he asked the blonde. She laughed. "No way," she said. He asked the brunette. She said, "No, thanks." The two women resumed talking. He went back to his seat at the bar. He finished his drink. Then he had another one. He didn't put any more money in the jukebox. The blonde got up from her seat. She walked toward the restrooms. He waited a minute. Then he walked toward the restrooms. He walked into the women's restroom. He beat the blonde in her face with his fists. He beat her unconscious. He walked out of the bar.

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