109. Topless on TV

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A woman's activist group based in Fresno said it is probably not going to protest as it had planned. The group, called Boobs not Bombs, occasionally rallies throughout the state to protest such things as environmental destruction, equal rights for women, and an end to the war. To get media attention, they usually remove their blouses and bras.

"We didn't do that originally," said Diane Boxer, "but we never got any media coverage either. As soon as we took our tops off, we got nationwide coverage. All of a sudden we were on the six and eleven o'clock news. Unfortunately, it just shows the shallowness of men, who run all the media nationwide. We are concerned with issues, and they are concerned with tissue. But nowadays, even the wrong media coverage is better than no coverage."

About 20 members of the group had planned to protest the governor's speech today. He is trying to drum up support for his proposition requiring school teachers to pay for their students' books. But when Gov. Arnold heard about the protest, he called the state's attorney general. The governor knew that no one would pay attention to his speech if there were topless women nearby.

The attorney general told the group that their "display" would cause multiple auto crashes and corrupt innocent wide-eyed children. He said that if they dared to go topless, they would be hauled off to jail.

"We have held fifteen protests statewide and have yet to cause one accident or corrupt one innocent child," scoffed Boxer. "These are wonderful ladies, but they do not understand. Some day they will understand," said Gov. Arnold. "Everything I do, I do for the people."

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