28. Asking a Friend to Help Move In (2)

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A: I finally found an apartment to move in.

B: That's great to hear. Kudos to you.

A: Thanks, it wasn't easy finding one.

B: Are you moving in soon?

A: Yes I am. This weekend, in fact.

B: Have you hired any movers?

A: No, I have not.

B: Why not? Don't you know of any in the area?

A: That's not the problem. I don't think I have enough to afford movers.

B: That's too bad. Is there anything I could do to help?

A: Actually, I was going to ask for your help.

B: You're going to need at least one more other person to help you move.

A: You're right about that. So can I count on you to help me?

B: You bet. I would be happy to help you move.