29. Calling a Moving Company (1)

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A: Hey, were you able to find a new home to move into?

B: Yes, I did. Now I just have to move my things over to the new place.

A: That's great! I'm glad you found a new place.

B: Me too. Have you ever used a moving company before?

A: Yes, I have. And the company is not bad.

B: I'm planning on moving soon. I have never called a moving company before.

A: Oh, I see. You have to call them as soon as possible.

B: Really? Why is that?

A: Moving companies tend to get booked really fast, especially during the summer.

B: That makes sense. I guess I should call a moving company right now.

A: Good luck. I hope the move transitions smoothly.

B: Thanks you for your advice. See you later!