13. How to Buy a Pass (1)

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A: I have so many places to go today.

B: Are you planning on taking the bus?

A: Yes. I'm going to have to bring so much bus fare with me.

B: You don't have to. Just buy a pass for the day.

A: A pass? What's that?

B: It comes in the form of a card that allows you to pass on any bus.

A: And is it just for one day?

B: You can buy a bus pass for the day, week, month, and even a year.

A: I didn't know that. How do I buy one?

B: You can ask for one on the bus.

A: How much does the card cost?

B: The card itself is one dollar, but a pass for the day is five.

A: I only need to bring six dollars with me today?

B: Yes. Unless you want to buy a pass for a week or longer.