14. How to Buy a Pass (2)

A: Hello, I would like to buy a bus pass.

B: Do you have a card to use for your pass?

A: What kind of card do I need?

B: It's a card I can provide you with.

A: Is it free to get?

B: No, but it's only one dollar.

A: It's nearly free. Here's the dollar.

B: Do you also have money for the day pass?

A: Yes, I do. How much is it for a day pass again?

B: Exactly five dollars.

A: I do have enough. Do I give you the money?

B: No, please deposit it into the machine.

A: Alright then. There you go.

B: Here's your pass for the day. Do take care of that.

A: Thank you very much. I'll hold on to it.

B: You're welcome. Have a nice day.