5. How to Pay for the Used Car

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A: I really liked this car. How much are you asking for it?

B: I'm asking for $2,000. It has some minor problems.

A: Yes, my mechanic told me it was a quick fix.

B: So, you want to take the car?

A: Yes, I could write you a check right now.

B: That sounds good. Could I cash it today?

A: Yeah, go ahead. It will clear, don't worry.

B: Didn't mean anything by it.

A: No, it's cool. I know sometimes you have to wait for a check to clear.

B: Great. So, could you make it out to Michael Slender?

A: Sure thing. I'm going to put "Car Payment," under the memo.

B: Sounds good, man. I will take care of things at the DMV tomorrow.