13. Fighting a Ticket in Court (1)

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A: Your Honour, I'd like to challenge this ticket.

B: What is your reason for challenging this ticket?

A: The police officer did not have the right to issue the ticket.

B: Can you explain what you mean with that statement?

A: I was rightfully parked. He told me that I was parked in a handicap space.

B: Well, was it a handicap space?

A: It used to be. It is not anymore.

B: Well, was there a sign letting you know it was a handicap space?

A: No, because the spot has since been removed.

B: So, did you explain to the officer that it was no longer a handicap space.

A: I tried, but he wouldn't listen. He said I was trying to get away from paying.

B: Thank you. I will question the officer, and get his side of the story.