6. Ordering Main Entree

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A: Are you ready to order?

B: Yes, I think we are, thank you.

A: Okay, what can I get you?

B: I like the look of that plate on the next table.

A: Oh yes, sir. That's our seafood platter.

B: What does it come with?

A: Fried white fish, shrimp, and scallops, along with fries, and vegetables.

B: Does it come with a salad?

A: Of course. It comes with the soup of the day, and a green salad.

B: What's the soup of the day.

A: Today's soup is clam chowder.

B: Is that New England, or Manhattan style?

A: It is the creamy-white, New England style.

B: Oh, that's my favorite. I'll take the soup.