7. Ordering Dessert

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A: Waiter!

B: Yes, sir. How can I help you?

A: That was an excellent meal, but we could not finish.

B: Would you like a doggy-bag to take your leftovers home?

A: Yes, please. We would.

B: And did you leave enough room for dessert?

A: Dessert? Why yes, I think so.

B: Here is our dessert menu.

A: Do you have a house specialty?

B: Yes, we do. It's the apple pie a la mode.

A: That sounds good. What kind of ice cream do you have?

B: Vanilla, French vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

A: I'll take the pie a la mode, but put the ice cream on the side, not on top.

B: Excellent choice! Okay, ice cream on the side.