9. Greeting a Visitor

ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor. For years, the idea of computers serving as human-like tutors to aid in English learning has been a distant dream. Now, with the arrival of "ESL Robot 4.0," that dream has become a reality.

A: Thank you for coming to my party this evening.

B: No, thank you for letting me come as my cousin's guest.

A: Any relative of Tina is welcome in my home. Have a seat.

B: Thank you. You two know each other for a long time?

A: We have. Can I get you something to drink?

B: A glass of water will be fine.

A: Would you like that with or without ice?

B: Without ice is fine.

A: We also have a buffet out back.

B: Could you show me the way?

A: Sure just follow me. I think your cousin is out back.

B: You really have a lovely home.