3. How to Collect Unemployment Benefits

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A: Hello. What are you doing here?

B: Hi! I lost my job, so here I am at the EDD.

A: That's rough. I lost my job three months ago.

B: I didn't know that. Maybe you can help me apply.

A: Sure, I can help. You just need some basic information about your job history.

B: I have that information for the company I last worked for.

A: They ask for information on all places you worked for the last 18 months.

B: I can get that. What else do they ask?

A: Name, residence, addresses, that kind of stuff, and most importantly, why you're not working.

B: You mean if I quit, or was fired.

A: Yes, and be truthful. They will call your former employers.

A: Thanks. That helps a lot.