5. Finding an Apartment (A)

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Mike and Maria both lived in a one-bedroom apartment in the city of Pasadena. It had been only a few months that they had been living there. The city of Pasadena was a relatively calm place. Mike had grown up in Pasadena.

He had established a strong bond with the town, and was eager to go back to his childhood residence. Mike had been living in Los Angeles when he was dating Maria. When Mike and Maria decided to move in together, Pasadena was Mike's first choice of location to relocate to. Maria did not have any objections.

She agreed, and they both began looking for apartments. They looked through the newspaper section that listed housings. After a week of searching, they came across a nice one bedroom apartment. They called the landlord to set up an appointment to go see the place in person.

5. Finding an Apartment (B)