5. Finding an Apartment (B)

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Maria: Hello, is this the landlord that is renting out the apartment in Pasadena?

Landlord: Which apartment are you talking about?

Maria: The one on Wilson Avenue.

Landlord: Oh, Wilson Avenue! Yes, this is the landlord renting out that apartment. How are you today? Can I answer any of your questions?

Maria: I'm fine, thank you. Yes, my boyfriend and I are interested in visiting the apartment this afternoon. Would this be possible?

Landlord: Absolutely! Come on down and see the place. It's a real nice apartment. It's perfect for a couple.

Maria: Okay, great! Can we come at three o'clock?

Landlord: You guys sure can. I'll be at the apartment waiting for your arrival.

Maria: Thank so much. We look forward to meeting you.

Landlord: Likewise. Goodbye.

Maria: Goodbye.

(Maria hangs up, and puts down the phone on the counter. Mike was sitting next to her. They were at his downtown apartment. Maria tells Mike the good news, and they begin getting ready to visit the apartment. A few hours later, they arrive at Wilson Avenue. Mike parks his car, and they both exit the vehicle. They make their way to the front steps of the apartment where the landlord sits waiting for them.)

Landlord: Howdy! Nice to meet you.

Mike: Hello, nice to meet you.

Maria: Hello.

(Greeting formalities are made, and hands are shaken.)

Landlord: How was the drive over here?

Mike: It was good. There was hardly any traffic.

Landlord: That's good to hear. That's some fine weather we're having today.

Maria: It sure is. There is not a cloud in sight.

Landlord: Well, let's get down to business. Let me show you the place.

Mike: Sounds good.

Maria: Alright.

(The landlord unlocks the wooden door and walks inside. Mike and Maria follow behind him.)

Landlord: Feel free to walk around the apartment. I'll be here if you have any questions.

(Mike and Maria enter the living room.)

Mike: It's quite spacious, don't you think?

Maria: Yeah, it's roomy.

(Mike and Maria enter the kitchen.)

Maria: I like the wood flooring. The sunlight comes in nice, too.

Mike: I think the same thing. It's nice.

(Mike and Maria enter the restroom.)

Mike: Look at the tile; it's blue, my favorite color.

Maria: That's a nice color for a restroom.

(Mike and Maria enter the bedroom.)

Mike: This bedroom looks brand new. This whole apartment seems remodeled.

Maria: You're right about that, Mike. I love the carpet in this bedroom. What do you think?

Mike: Of the apartment or the bedroom?

Maria: Of everything!

Mike: It's perfect. I love it.

Maria: Let's live here!

Mike: Sure! I see no reason why we shouldn't!

(Mike and Maria both approach the landlord with big, wide smiles on their faces.)

Mike and Maria: We'll take it!