6. Moving In (A)

Mike wanted to move into his and Maria's new apartment the very next day after seeing it for the first time. He fell in love with it instantly when he saw the inside. He asked Maria if she thought it was possible to move-in the next day. Maria was not as hasty as Mike was about moving in right away. "What's the rush?" she told Mike. "The apartment wasn't going anywhere," is what she told him.They had reached an agreement with the landlord, and had signed the proper documents. Mike had also given his first entry of rent.

The apartment was as good as theirs. Mike and Maria settled on moving in one week. They needed time to pack their belongings and rent a U-Haul. Mike and Maria were both excited for the move. It was a big step in their relationship. Living with someone comes with challenges, but Mike and Maria were ready to take on any challenges. They loved each other very much. They planned to move on Saturday. The days leading up to Saturday were spent preparing for the move. On the day before Saturday everything was ready.

The moving van was rented. Belongings had all been safely packaged in boxes. The only problem they had was the furniture. Mike and Maria needed help moving the furniture to their apartment. Mike called his best friend, Doug, to ask if he could help. Doug said yes without hesitation. Mike, Maria, and Doug all met up the following Saturday at six o'clock in the morning to commence the move. Doug arrived wearing a thin shirt and shorts. It was going to be a hot day. They packed everything in the van, and went on their way. They shortly arrived at the apartment, and began to unload their things.

6. Moving In (B)