6. Moving In (B)

Mike: Thanks again for helping us move, Doug.

Maria: We really appreciate the favor.

Doug: No need to thank me, guys. I'm happy to lend a helping hand, anytime. After all, what kind of best friend says no to helping his friend move into his and his girlfriend's new apartment?

Mike: Not a very good one.

Doug: Lucky for you, I am.

(Doug and Mike carry in the heavy furniture by hand.)

Mike: Let's put the couch over here by the window.

Doug: Alright, easy does it.

Mike: Let's go get the television next.

Doug: You got it.

(Mike and Doug walk back to the van.)

Mike: Maria, be a dear and start unloading the boxes.

Maria: Why can't I help with the heavy lifting?

Mike: Because I don't want you to break your back carrying the heavy stuff.

Doug: Let the men do the heavy work.

Maria: That's not funny, Doug.

Doug: I'm not joking.

Mike: Come on, Doug. We have work to do.

(Mike and Doug finish unloading the last of the furniture.)

Mike: Alright. I think that was all of it.

Doug: Whew! I'm all worn out. Maybe we should've let Maria help out after all.

Mike: Let's go check up on her. I think I heard her in the kitchen.

(Mike and Doug walk into the kitchen and find Maria unpacking pots and pans.)

Mike: How goes it, honey?

Maria: All the boxes are in the apartment. All that's left to do is unpack them and put them in their rightful places.

Doug: Maria, do you have a glass of water you can offer me? I'm dying of thirst back here!

Maria: Sure, let me get that for you. Here you go.

Doug: Thank you.

(Doug gulps down the glass of water in seconds.)

Doug: Well, I think my work here is done. Was there anything else you needed, Mike?

Mike: No, thank you, we're fine. You're welcome to stay if you like.

Doug: No, that's alright. I'll leave the two of you alone for now.