7. A Television Speaker Problem (A)

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Maria was lying down on her couch in her new apartment in Pasadena. Mike was occupied trying to connect his speakers to his television. A few days had passed since the move. Already, Mike and Maria were settling into their new home. They had gone days without watching television.

This marked a new record for Mike who loved watching television. Maria did not watch as much television as Mike did. She preferred reading books. While Mike struggled to get the sound to work for the television, Maria comfortably read her book on the couch. Mike had been at it for over one hour already. He grew frustrated and resorted to reading the manual.

His frustration grew bigger when he attempted to read it. It made no sense to him. He was missing his favorite sport's game on television. He had no choice but to call the helpline listed in the manual. This was something he did not want to do. Mike had run out of choices. He was desperate for help, so he dialed the number. An operator answered the call.

7. A Television Speaker Problem (B)