14. Police Stop (A)

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Mike and Maria finished watching a movie at the theaters. While watching it, they ate popcorn and drank soda. The movie lasted about two hours. Mike rather enjoyed it, but Maria did not. They had seen an action film that took place in outer space. Mike loved watching action films that featured big explosions and impressive CGI effects. Maria preferred watching romantic films.

Mike and Maria took turns choosing which movie to watch in theaters. Since Mike had seen the movie he wanted, next time it was Maria's turn to choose. The movie had ended on a cliffhanger. The ending left audiences guessing what happened to the main character. This usually meant a sequel was in the works. The people in the theater slowly rose from their seats as soon as the credits starting rolling down the big screen.

Mike and Maria also got up. Little by little, they exited the theater. There were a lot of people walking around. Mike held Maria's hand so they wouldn't get separated. They threw their trash in the trashcan, and went to the restroom. Mike waited for Maria outside the theater.

She finally came out after a few minutes, and they both headed towards Mike's car. The car was parked far away from the theater. It was the only parking spot they were able to find. The movie theater always gets full on the weekend. That day was no exception. Mike and Maria got in the car, and drove away.

14. Police Stop (B)