13. Meeting an Actor at the Movie (B)

13. Meeting an Actor at the Movie (B)

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Mike: Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but are you that actor from those funny movies?
Actor: No, I'm sorry. You must have me confused...
Maria: You are him! We recognize you.
Actor: Alright, you got me. Please try to keep your voices down. I'm trying not get noticed by people.
Mike: I'm sorry, Mr. Stiller. My girlfriend and I absolutely love your work.
Maria: Yes, we are such big fans. We've seen every one of your movies. You are so hilarious.
Actor: Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words. Would you guys like an autograph?
Mike: We would love to get an autograph from you. Let me just see if we have something to write with.
Maria: I think I have a pen in my bag.
(Maria reached into her bag and pulled out a pen and a piece of notebook paper to write on.)
Maria: Here you go, honey, use this.
(Mike grabs the pen and paper from Maria, and hands it to the actor.)
Actor: Alright, who do I make it out to?
Mike: Mike and Maria.
(The actor signs the piece of paper and hands it back to Mike, who is smiling.)
Mike: Thank you so much, Mr. Stiller. You are so nice for doing this for us. I'm going to tell all my friends what a nice person you are in real life.
Actor: It was my pleasure. Take care.
Maria: Goodbye.
Mike: Take care.

(Mike and Maria walk to go see their movie. They take their seats in front of the big screen. The movie has not yet started.)
Mike: I cannot believe we just met him. How unbelievable is that, Maria?
Maria: Not believable at all. He was so nice. I was surprised he didn't ignore us.
Mike: Me too. Most actors usually don't want to be bothered. But he didn't even mind giving out an autograph. Do you still have it?
Maria: Have what?
Mike: The autograph. I gave it you.
Maria: No, you did not.
Mike: Are you sure?
Maria: Yes, I'm sure. You never handed it to me. Check the insides of your pockets.
(Mike searched his pockets and found nothing.)
Mike: Oh, no. I think I might have dropped it in the lobby. Do you think it's too late to go and look for it?
Maria: Not if the movie doesn't start playing.
(The lights in the theater dim, and the movie begins to play.)


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